89.2 USB Printers

89.2.1 HP LaserJet 1200

The Hewlett-Packard LaserJet 1200 is a PostScript laser printer installed on Bartok. Plug into USB. Create appropriate devices (if they don’t already exist - also be sure to be using perhaps kernel 2.4.20 or later) and try printing:

  # cd /dev
  # MAKEDEV usb
  # enscript -o - ~/.profile > /dev/usb/lp0

Worked just fine. Now set up printing as in another chapter.

89.2.2 HP PSC2210

The HP PSC2210 is a printer, scanner, copier, and fax installed on Mint. Connect with USB. Create the appropriate USB devices if they do not already exist:

  # cd /dev
  # MAKEDEV usb

Install the packages for the printer: hpoj hpijs hp-ppd sane xsane mtools hpoj-xojpanel. Install packages for printer queueing: cupsys cupsys-bsd cupsys-client. Perhaps also foomatic-bin. Make sure the module printer is loaded:

  # lsmod | grep printer
  # modprobe printer

If the printer module does not get loaded at boot time then add it to /etc/modules.

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