80.5 Solid Server Add Pods


We illustrate how a solid server administrator can add new users and their Pods.

Once you setup a solid server a dummy pod can be setup using the url https://solid.example.org/idp/register/

To create a dummy pod in the server from a command line use the following curl command replacing testuser (for the web ID), (as the contact email address), and testpass (password) with your own values.

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"createWebId": "on", "webId":"", "register":"on", "createPod":"on", "podName":"testuser", "email": "testuser@email.com", "password":"testpass", "confirmPassword":"testpass", "submit":""}' "https://solid.example.org/idp/register/"

The webID for this newly created pod will be:


Paste this url into your browser and you will see the profile card.ttl file content for the created user. See Section ?? for details of its content.

You can also see the file content of the created user inside the server in the home directory /opt/solid/server/. There should be a new directory called testuser. You can further see registered user information by following the path /opt/solid/server/.internal/accounts/.

This section was originally written by Anushka Vidanage and now extended.

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