71.8 Printer Install Epson ET-1810 Printer


This EcoTank printer cost AUD $234. It was set up using the Epson Android app to connect to WiFi and intialise the ink. Once setup the printer was immediately recognised on Ubuntu as EPSON_ET_1810_Series and no further setup or driver was required/available/installed.

The printer came with ink for the four tanks (BK, Y, M, C) which is otherwise available for AUD $16 (or AUD $6 for 3rd party ink). There is a suggestion that the ink will last 2 years. The claim is also that the ink delivers up to 4,500 pages for the black ink and 7,500 pages for the colour inks. Essentially 39c per 100 pages black (or 5 pages for 2c).

lpinfo -v
network dnssd://EPSON%20ET-1810%20Series._ipp._tcp.local/?uuid=cfe92100-45a3-32f1-b33a-f9aa4a6434b4
network lpd://
network ipps://EPSON%20ET-1810%20Series._ipps._tcp.local/
lpstat -v
device for EPSON_ET_1810_Series: implicitclass://EPSON_ET_1810_Series/

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