33.39 Git Tag a Release


To list the tags:

$ git tag

Add -n to show annotations:

$ git tag -n
release4    Resolved security flaws.
release2    Initial wide release.

To add a new annotated tag:

$ git tag -a release4 -m "Release 4 with main deployed into production."

To have it pushed to the remote repository:

$ git push origin --tags

To rename a simple tag, perhaps the old tag was mistakenly named as releas4 and it should have been release4, we can do the following.

$ git tag release4 releas4
$ git tag -d releas4

For an annotated tag:

$ git tag -a release4 releas4^{}
$ git tag -d releas4

To remove the tag from the remote repository if it has already been pushed:

$ git push origin release4 :releas4

Other users will then need to prune the tag:

$ git pull --prune --tags

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