10.31 Quod Libet


quodlibet, quodlibet, quodlibet, quodlibet, quodlibet albumart

Quod libet, Quod libet, Quod libet, Quod libet, Quod libet is a very attractive digital audio player (See Figure ??). Features include display of album covers and audio file tag editing and file renaming.

The Quod Libet audio player with the minimal window information. {#fig:quodlibet-player}

Use the albumart (available as of 5 February 2005 from http://louhi.kempele.fi/~skyostil/projects/albumart/) to assist in downloading album covert art from Amazon.com to the appropriate folders in your audio library. These images will be saved as folder.jpg. To use albumart simply run -, albumart, qt and browse to a directory holding your albums. You can the select Edit\(\rightarrow\)Download missing cover images to have the program download covers for all the directories lacking them. The automatic downloader only accepts exact matches when searching covers, so it may miss some directories.

There are several other players to choose from, including xmms, the traditional audio player, beep, a nice variation of xmms for GNOME, muine, which supports streaming audio and the iPod mobile audio player, and qvmpeg.

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