31.26 Flutter Benefits


Flutter is an upgrade over the older React Native, fixing some of the language issues present in the latter. Below asre colelcted some of the reasons users provide for going wioth flutter.

  • Dart is a better language than JavaScript, being type/null safe by default.

  • Flutter state and widgets are less confusing and have a defined lifecycle compared to React hooks and components.

  • Flutter can use swift for iOS and kotlin for Android, particularly when there is a need to interface low level operating system functionality. React Native uses Objective C and Java which are considered old, outdated, and complicated.

  • Flutter is a full render system with a UI library that works nicely and higher quality Flutter apps are usually easier to build.

  • Flutter web is not as nice as a NextJS/React app.

  • Flutter apps are much smaller than React Native, often only slightly larger in package size than a traditional mobile app. React Native apps are usually quite a bit larger.

  • Flutter is polished compared to React Native which is rather scrappy. Google maintains dart, pubdev and flutter, while Facebook maintains React Native, but not JavaScript and npm.

  • Flutter is highly customisable compared to React Native which can be complex and not polished.

  • Firebase works well with Flutter but not so with React Native.

  • Flutter builds are simple and make sense.

  • Flutter apps can be reloaded during development cycles without recompiling the whole code.

Sources include personal views and reddit post of 25 July 2023 by killamikmilla

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