14.10 Troubleshooting

14.10.1 Permissions

At times you might find that root can blank and burn CDs but not a user. You may get the message:

cdrecord: Operation not permitted. Cannot send SCSI cmd via ioctl

This might be because cdrecord has not been installed with the setuid flag set, and thus the user does not have enough permissions. Fix this with:

$ sudo chmod +s /usr/bin/cdrecord.mmap


$ wajig reconfigure cdrecord

14.10.2 No mode page data received

Occasionally the following error is reported on Athene when using cdrdao to write a CD:

  Starting write ERROR: No mode page data received
  ERROR: Cannot retrieve drive capabilities mode page. 
  at speed 0... 
  Pausing 10 seconds - hit CTRL-C to abort. 
  Process can be aborted with QUIT signal (usually CTRL-\). 
  ERROR: No mode page data received. 
  ERROR: Cannot retrieve write parameters mode page. 
  ERROR: Cannot setup write parameters for session-at-once mode. 
  ERROR: Please try to use the 'generic-mmc-raw' driver. 
  ERROR: Writing failed. 

A simple solution is to remove the ide-cd module and try again:

  $ sudo rmmod ide-cd

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