82.7 SSH Simple Usage

ssh is a client-server program where your client (on your local host) connects to a remote ssh server (running on the remote host), requiring that ssh be installed on both hosts. (Many systems now run ssh.) You need to know the password of the account you wish to connect to on the remote host. Once connected all communications between the two hosts is securely encrypted.

Connect to a remote host simply by issuing the appropriate ssh command. To connect as user kayon to a remote host alpine.example.com or to copy files from your local host to kayon’s account at the remote host you can simply:

$ ssh kayon@alpine.example.com
$ scp file.name kayon@alpine.example.com:remote.file.name

If you things don’t go as you expected, you can get a verbose explanaintion of what ssh is attempting to do by using the -v option on the command line. Note that -vv will give more information as will -vvv.

ssh -v kayon@alpine.example.com

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