31.32 Flutter Commands


Below is collected together various commands that may be useful at one time or another.

dart fix --apply
dart fix --dry-run
dart format lib
dart run dart_code_metrics:metrics analyze lib
dart run dart_code_metrics:metrics check-unnecessary-nullable lib
dart run build_runner build --delete-conflicting-outputs

flutter analyze
flutter build -d linux
flutter build web
flutter channel
flutter channel beta
flutter channel stable
flutter clean
flutter config --android-studio-dir ''
flutter config --enable-linux-desktop
flutter config --enable-macos-desktop
flutter config --enable-web
flutter config --enable-windows-desktop
flutter create --org com.mydomain .
flutter create --org com.mydomain --platforms=windows,macos,linux .
flutter devices
flutter doctor
flutter doctor --android-licenses
flutter downgrade
flutter format
flutter pub add charts_flutter
flutter pub cache repair
flutter pub get
flutter pub outdated
flutter pub run build_runner build
flutter pub upgrade
flutter pub upgrade --major-versions
flutter run
flutter run -d chrome
flutter run -d linux
flutter upgrade

Related commands:

dart pub global activate flutter_cors
fluttercors --disable

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