33.22 Git Merge Main into Branch


Our task is to re-synchronise a branch with updates that have been made to the main branch of the repository.

A simple incantation is to fetch the latest from the remote main branch into the local main branch and then merge it into the current branch:

git fetch origin main:main
git merge main

Here, origin is an alias on our local computer for the remote repository.

Following this up with a push merges back to the remote repository’s version of the branch. The commits are those that were committed by others to the remote repository’s main branch.

A similar incantation is to update the local main branch using a checkout and pull. Then checkout the branch of interest and merge from the updated local main.

git checkout main
git pull
git checkout kayon/validator
git merge main

We could skip the first two steps and merge from origin/main to effect a merge from the remote main into the current local branch. This will not update the local copy of main.

git checkout kayon/validator
git merge origin/main

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