4.32 SPARCStation Boot

Out Of Date

Cepheus is a SPARCStation. At boot time SPARCstation’s are under the control of the Sun OpenBoot. Obtain the OpenBoot prompt with the keyboard L1 (which might be labelled Stop)and A simultaneously. The prompt is a simple ok`''. Note that the prompt can even be obtained from within SILO (the Linux Loader for Sparc) or using the `halt` command in SILO. Then boot the machine from CD-ROM with:bash ok boot cdrom

At the boot prompt choose `s` (SCSI) and the system then boots from
the CD-ROM.  To boot single user simply use `boot -s`.

## BIOS Not Supporting CD-ROM

<p><font size=1><i>Out Of Date</i></font></p> On some older machines, like *Prefect*, the BIOS cannot boot
direct from CD-ROM so the machine needs to be booted from floppy disk using
MS/Windows Millenium Startup floppy.  This recognises the CD-ROM drive
as drive `D:`. So simply run the `BOOT` command on the
   > BOOT

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