5.5 File Conversions

20190308 Converting from one file format to another is a complex yet common task. Here we collect together a variety of conversion tasks and the tools to perform them. We use pandoc for much of the hard work. File types supported include docx, md, org, pdf, rst, tex.

$ pandoc mydoc.tex -o mydoc.md        # LaTeX to Markdown
$ pandoc mydoc.md  -o mydoc.docx      # Markdown to Microsoft Word

Jupyter notebook conversions are provided by jupyter-nbconvert:

$ jupyter-nbconvert --to markdown doc.ipynd --stdout > doc.md
$ jupyter-nbconvert --to python   doc.ipynd --stdout > doc.py
$ jupyter-nbconvert --to python   doc.ipynd --stdout > doc.R

Another type of conversion results from MS/Windows using a different line ending convention for text files to GNU/Linux (and Unix). Originally dos2unix was used for this task which is now accomplished by flip which will convert the file in-place:

$ flip -u doc.txt # Convert to GNU/Linux format.
$ flip -m doc.txt # Convert to MS/Windows format.

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