40.4 Kadesh Issues


Kadesh is a Dell Latitude 7440 Desktop. See Section 40.2 for details.

Gnome Crash

With Ubuntu 23.10 there was an issue (also exhibited on johna after an upgrade) causing the server to display a blank screen with the only option to Log Out. It appeared related to displaying video or playing audio from totem or from youtube. Also reliably when hit Alt-F2 then r (reset). Disabling the Media Controls extension fixed the video/audio issue but not the Gnome Shell reset issue.

Internal Camera

This laptop has an internal camera that does not work out of the box, requiring the intel-ipu6 driver.

sudo lshw -C multimedia


*-multimedia:0 UNCLAIMED

Which is the camera being unclaimed. This StackExchange article has a solution which after installing resulting in the multimedia slot being claimed on kernel 6.5.35 but not on my current (20240514) 6.9. Cheese could list the camera but then neither it nor the other USB camera I have could show anything.

   description: Multimedia controller
   configuration: driver=intel-ipu6 latency=0

The following command should also identify the integrated camera but does not on kernel 6.7 nor 6.9.

sudo journalctl  -b  0 | grep -i camera

Other commentary is available here https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=287119 and the estimate for support is 2024/2025 sometime! For Ubuntu perhaps try https://askubuntu.com/questions/1473289/integrated-camera-not-working-on-dell-latitude-7440-and-7340-ubuntu-22-04. Others: https://dshedd.com/2023/07/18/fixing-lenovos-mipi-camera-problems-on-ubuntu-22-04/; https://github.com/intel/ipu6-drivers;

See 40.5 for installing latest but not yet formally released for Ubuntu kernels.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:oem-solutions-group/intel-ipu6
sudo apt install linux-modules-ipu6-generic-hwe-22.04 linux-modules-ivsc-generic-hwe-22.04
sudo apt install libcamhal-ipu6ep0
sudo reboot 

Keyboard Backlight

The laptop was ordered with a back lit keyboard but not delivered with one. The back light is important as it is extremely useful in even slight darker environments, as working in the evening. It took Dell over 6 weeks to rectify which involved simply replacing the keyboard with one supporting back lighting.


Wayland works but X2Go could not display. Revert to Ubuntu Xorg. Perhaps Exec=env QT_QPA_PLATFORM=xcb x2goclient in ~/.local/share/applications/X2GoAgent.desktop (to be tested).

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