9.7 Internet Radio

20200324 The default Ubuntu music player, RhythmBox, supports internet radio station streaming. It has only a small collection of stations listed by default. Further stations can be added by entering the station’s URL and no searching is supported by the application itself.

odio, installed as a snap, is an easy to use and pleasing to view dedicated radio station streaming application. Through its interface a comprehensive collection of radio stations are available and further stations can be searched for within the application. Favourite radio stations can be tagged and appear under My Library. The GUI can be set to be either light or dark mode.

The Odio Internet Radio Streaming App. {#fig:odio-search-guitar}

Another dedicated internet radio streamer is RadioTray. Its key feature is that it sits nicely in the panel from where it is controlled.

Stations can be found from http://www.radio-browser.info/ (click the back track button to get the URL) as well as https://www.internet-radio.com/. Streams from Australia’s most reliable news source, the Australian government’s funded Australian Broadcasting Corporation, are listed at https://radio.abc.net.au/help/streams

Some personal favourite stations include:

[Acoustic Guitar] [Classical Guitar] [David Bowie] http://streams.80s80s.de/bowie/mp3-192/streams.80s80s.de/play.pls [Pink Floyd]

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