21.1 Test Mining Setup

20180603 Packages used in this chapter include RColorBrewer (Neuwirth 2022), Rgraphviz (Hansen et al. 2023), dplyr (Wickham et al. 2023), ggplot2 (Wickham et al. 2024), qdap (Rinker 2023), qdapDictionaries (Rinker 2018), scales (Wickham, Pedersen, and Seidel 2023), stringr (Wickham 2023), tm (Feinerer and Hornik 2023), wordcloud (Fellows 2018), and rattle (G. Williams 2023).

Packages are loaded into the currently running R session from your local library directories on disk. Missing packages can be installed using utils::install.packages() within R. On Ubuntu, for example, R packages can also be installed using $ wajig install r-cran-<pkgname>.

# Load required packages from local library into the R session.

library(RColorBrewer) # Generate palette of colours for plots.
library(Rgraphviz)    # Correlation plots.
library(dplyr)        # Data wrangling, pipe operator %>%().
library(ggplot2)      # Plot word frequencies.
library(qdap)         # Quantitative discourse analysis of transcripts.
library(rattle)       # Support: riskchart() errorMatrix().
library(scales)       # Support: commas(), percent().
library(stringr)      # str_replace_all().
library(tm)           # Framework for text mining.


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