26.12 Formatting Options

REVIEW Formatting options are available for fine tuning how the table is to be presented. For example we can remove the row names (the row numbers in the above table) easily with row.names=FALSE.

# Display a table without row names.

ds %>% kable(row.names=FALSE)
Location MinTemp MaxTemp Rainfall Evaporation
Tuggeranong 10.0 25.1 0.2 NA
Wollongong 20.8 30.7 1.0 NA
Dartmoor 5.7 14.9 1.6 2.6
Sale 16.8 28.8 0.0 6.0
WaggaWagga 7.7 31.3 0.0 4.0

We can also limit the number of digits displayed to avoid an impression of a high level of accuracy or to simplify presentation using digits=. By doing so the numeric values are rounded to the requested number of decimal points.

# Display a table removing digits from numbers.

ds %>% kable(row.names=FALSE, digits=0)
Location MinTemp MaxTemp Rainfall Evaporation
Tuggeranong 10 25 0 NA
Wollongong 21 31 1 NA
Dartmoor 6 15 2 3
Sale 17 29 0 6
WaggaWagga 8 31 0 4

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