7.6 Excel Data Writing

20200922 An Excel spreadsheet can be written using writexl (Ooms 2021). The basic functionality of writexl::write_xlsx() is to write a data frame to the named spreadsheet file. If a list of data frames is provided, each data frame populates a separate named sheet for each data frame.

Using rattle::weatherAUS we will create a spreadsheet by splitting the data frame into separate data frames, one per location, as a list. For each location a new sheet (tab) is created.

library(writexl)         # Write Excel spreadsheets: write_xlsx()

weatherAUS %>%
  group_by(Location) %>%
  group_split() %>%
  set_names(weatherAUS$Location %>% unique() %>% sort()) %>%

See Section @ref(ingestion:read_excel) for an example of using this created spreadsheet.


Ooms, Jeroen. 2021. Writexl: Export Data Frames to Excel Xlsx Format. https://CRAN.R-project.org/package=writexl.

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