21.24 Correlations Plots

     terms=findFreqTerms(dtm, lowfreq=100)[1:50], 

(Hansen et al. 2018) from the BioConductor repository for R (bioconductor.org) is used to plot the network graph that displays the correlation between chosen words in the corpus. Here we choose 50 of the more frequent words as the nodes and include links between words when they have at least a correlation of 0.5.

By default (without providing terms and a correlation threshold) the plot function chooses a random 20 terms with a threshold of 0.7.


Hansen, Kasper Daniel, Jeff Gentry, Li Long, Robert Gentleman, Seth Falcon, Florian Hahne, and Deepayan Sarkar. 2018. Rgraphviz: Provides Plotting Capabilities for r Graph Objects. https://doi.org/10.18129/B9.bioc.Rgraphviz.

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