7.5 Excel Data Reading

20200104 Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are supported by readxl (Wickham and Bryan 2022) which provides readxl::read_excel(). A common requirement is to skip= the first few lines of the spreadsheet which might be taken up with logos and file meta data. A specific sheet can be chosen with sheet=``2 to select the second sheet or sheet=``"expenses" to select a named sheet. A specific range within a sheet is selected using range=. The package also provides readxl::excel_format() and readxl::excel_sheets().

Below we read data from the Sydney tab of the weatherAUS.xlsx spreadsheet created in Section @ref(ingestion:write_excel).

library(magrittr)     # Data pipelines: %>% %<>% %T>% equals().
library(glue)         # Format strings: glue().
library(readxl)       # Read Excel spreadsheets: read_excel().

dsname <- "weatherAUS"
dstype <- "xlsx"
fsep   <- .Platform$file.sep

getwd() %>% 
  glue("{fsep}{dsname}.{dstype}") %T>%
  print() ->
## /home/gjw/git/bitbucket/kayontoga/onepager/weatherAUS.xlsx
dspath %>% excel_format()
## [1] "xlsx"
dspath %>% excel_sheets()
## [1] "Sydney"
dspath %>%
  read_excel(sheet="Sydney") %>%
  assign(dsname, ., globalenv())


Wickham, Hadley, and Jennifer Bryan. 2022. Readxl: Read Excel Files. https://CRAN.R-project.org/package=readxl.

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