28.26 Adding Bibliographies

REVIEW knitr (Xie 2023) supports the automatic generation of a bibliography for the packages attached into R. We can take advantage of this by specifying a LaTeX bibliography package like natbib. I prefer the (author, year) style and so I include the following in the preamble of my LaTeX documents.


If we attach the rattle (G. Williams 2023) package, we might like to cite it with the following LaTeX command:


This will produce a citation like (G. Williams 2023). The `p'' in\citep` places the parentheses around the citation, without which we get G. Williams (2023).

Then we can ask knitr (Xie 2023) to generate bibliographic entries for each attached package:

write_bib(sub("^.*/", "", grep("^/", searchpaths(), value=TRUE)),

Note that the bibliography is saved to a file named mydoc.bib.

At the end of the LaTeX document, where we want the bibliography to appear, we add the following:


See Page  to see what the bibliography will look like.


Williams, Graham. 2023. Rattle: Graphical User Interface for Data Science in r. https://rattle.togaware.com/.
———. 2023. Knitr: A General-Purpose Package for Dynamic Report Generation in r. https://yihui.org/knitr/.

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