11.30 Filter Data Within Plot


Draw faceted line plots with the final value labelling the plots. This illustrates the use of ggplot2::geom_text() with an updated data= parameter that filters the supplied data to only include the final observations (the base::max() date).

read_csv(CSV, show_col_types=FALSE) %>%
  clean_names(numerals="right") %>%
  mutate(date=lubridate::dmy(date)) %>%
  select(date, cash, balanced, sustainable,
         growth, property, environmental) %>%
  pivot_longer(-date) %>%
  ggplot(aes(x=date, y=VALUE*value)) +
  geom_line() +
  geom_text(data=. %>% filter(date == max(date)),
            vjust=-1, hjust=1) +
  facet_wrap(~name) +
  scale_y_continuous(labels=dollar) +
  labs(x="", y="")

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