11.58 Text Path


ds %>%
  filter(location %in% c("Canberra", "Sydney", "Darwin")) %>%
  ggplot(aes(x=max_temp, colour=location, label=location)) +
  geom_textdensity(size=5, fontface=2) +
  labs(x="Maximum Temperature", y="Density") +

Allan Cameron’s geomtextpath (Cameron and van den Brand 2022) package (https://github.com/AllanCameron/geomtextpath) supports many different and flexible text layout effects. To install the package:


The geomtextpath::geom_textdensity() command produces a density plot with the text labels embedded along the lines.of the plot. It is particularly useful with the colour= aesthetic, and using the same variable for the label=.


Cameron, Allan, and Teun van den Brand. 2022. Geomtextpath: Curved Text in Ggplot2. https://allancameron.github.io/geomtextpath/.

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