21.36 Letter and Position Heatmap

## Warning in geom_text(aes(fill = value, label = values2), size = text.size, :
## Ignoring unknown aesthetics: fill

The qdap::qheat() function from provides an effective visualisation of tabular data. Here we transform the list of words into a position count of each letter, and constructing a table of the proportions that is passed on to qdap::qheat() to do the plotting.

words                                                                 %>%
  lapply(function(x) sapply(letters, gregexpr, x, fixed=TRUE))        %>%
  unlist                                                              %>%
  (function(x) x[x!=-1])                                              %>%
  (function(x) setNames(x, gsub("\\d", "", names(x))))                %>%
  (function(x) apply(table(data.frame(letter=toupper(names(x)), 
                     1, function(y) y/length(x)))                     %>%
  qheat(high="green", low="yellow", by.column=NULL, 
        values=TRUE, digits=3, plot=FALSE)                             +
  labs(y="Letter", x="Position") + 
  theme(axis.text.x=element_text(angle=0))                             +

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