21.3 Corpus Sources and Readers

There are a variety of sources supported by . We can use tm::getSources() to list them.

## [1] "DataframeSource" "DirSource"       "URISource"       "VectorSource"   
## [5] "XMLSource"       "ZipSource"

In addition to different kinds of sources of documents, our documents for text analysis will come in many different formats. A variety are supported by :

##  [1] "readDataframe"           "readDOC"                
##  [3] "readPDF"                 "readPlain"              
##  [5] "readRCV1"                "readRCV1asPlain"        
##  [7] "readReut21578XML"        "readReut21578XMLasPlain"
##  [9] "readTagged"              "readXML"

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