6.17 Wrapping and Words

20180608 Formatting a text string into a neat paragraph of defined maximum width is another operation we often find ourselves wanting. The stringr::str_wrap() function will do this for us.

st <- "All the Worlds a stage, All men are merely players"
cat(str_wrap(st, width=25))
## All the Worlds a stage,
## All men are merely
## players

Words of course form the basis for wrapping a sentence. We may wish to extract words from a sentence ourselves for further processing. Here we us stringr::word() to do so.We specify the positions of the word to be extracted from the setence. The default separator value is space.

st <- c("The quick brown fox", "jumps on the brown dog")
word(st, start=1, end=2)
## [1] "The quick" "jumps on"
word(st, start=1, end=-2)
## [1] "The quick brown"    "jumps on the brown"

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