20.1 Decision Trees Setup

20180603 Packages used in this chapter include C50 (Kuhn and Quinlan 2023), RWeka (Hornik 2023), party (Hothorn et al. 2023), partykit (Hothorn and Zeileis 2023), rpart (Therneau and Atkinson 2022), rpart.plot (Milborrow 2024), and rattle (G. Williams 2023).

Packages are loaded into the currently running R session from your local library directories on disk. Missing packages can be installed using utils::install.packages() within R. On Ubuntu, for example, R packages can also be installed using $ wajig install r-cran-<pkgname>.

# Load required packages from local library into the R session.

library(C50)          # Original C5.0 implementation.
library(RWeka)        # Weka decision tree J48.
library(party)        # Conditional decision trees ctree().
library(partykit)     # Convert rpart object to BinaryTree
library(rattle)       # GUI for building trees and fancy tree plot.
library(rpart)        # Popular decision tree algorithm.
library(rpart.plot)   # Enhanced tree plots.

The rattle::weatherAUS dataset is loaded into the template variable ds and further template variables are setup as introduced by Graham J. Williams (2017). See Chapter 8 for details.

dsname <- "weatherAUS"
ds     <- get(dsname)
nobs   <- nrow(ds)

vnames <- names(ds)
ds    %<>% clean_names(numerals="right")
names(vnames) <- names(ds)

vars   <- names(ds)
target <- "rain_tomorrow"
vars   <- c(target, vars) %>% unique() %>% rev()

It is always useful to remind ourselves of the dataset with a random sample:

ds  %>% sample_frac() %>% select(date, location, sample(3:length(vars), 5))
## # A tibble: 226,868 × 7
##    date       location evaporation pressure_3pm min_temp wind_speed_3pm temp_9am
##    <date>     <chr>          <dbl>        <dbl>    <dbl>          <dbl>    <dbl>
##  1 2023-02-08 Launces…        NA            NA      14.8             19     16.3
##  2 2014-07-19 Penrith         NA            NA       5.8             15     12  
##  3 2017-09-25 Melbour…         7.4        1011.      9.3             30     11.2
##  4 2014-07-23 Mildura          1.8        1017.      2.7             20      5  


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