86.25 Viewing Video

20191230 All forms of video viewing are supported by Linux, including video files such as avi, DVDs and SVCDs.

Video players include totem, xine-ui, mplayer, and vlc. totem will seek to install packages for any codecs that are not installed.

The multi-media viewer xine-ui comes with a skinned graphical user interface. Supported keyboard shortcuts include:

  gui    g          pause     p          full screen     f
  aspect a          subtitles . ,        audio channel   + -
  chapt  PgUp PgDn  chapt %   0-9        audio sync      <- -> Home
  volume v V        enlarge <> M-1,2,3   1:1 aspect      s

The following table summarise some of the file format capabilities of various players:

\begin{tabular}{lrrrrrr} |Player|mov|avi|wmv|rm|mpg|mp3| |:—-:|—|—|—|–|—|—| Xine | yes | yes | yes | no | yes | yes VLC | yes | yes | yes | no | yes | yes Mplayer | yes | yes | yes | no | yes | yes RealPlayer | no | no | no | yes | no | yes

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