28.2 zynlp sentiment


$ ml sentiment zynlp [sentence]
     -i <file.txt> --input=<file.txt>   Input text file of sentences to be analysed.


$ ml sentiment zynlp The roll out of vaccinations has been rather slow.

The output is in a form that can be utilised within a pipeline. Using a comma to separate the fields (comma separated values) the output includes the supplied sentence and the determined sentiment.

"The roll out of vaccinations has been rather slow.",negative

A file can be provided using -i or --input=:

$ ml sentiment zynlp --input=examples.txt

The output from the command includes the input sentences and the sentiment.

"I really like the new content of your book.",positive
"Iā€™m not sure if I like the new design.",negative
"The new design is awful.",negative

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