33.1 Configuration Template


The heart of a MLHub package is the MLHUB.yaml configuration file.

--- # This is a comment and otherwise ignored.
  name         : pkg
  title        : A one line summary description of the MLHub package.
  keywords     : r, python, prediction, speech, visualisation, deep learning
  version      : 0.0.1
  languages    : py, R
  display      : gui
  license      : gpl3
  private      : 
    Azure Speech: key*, location
  author       : Graham.Williams@togaware.com
  url          : https://github.com/gjwgit/pkg
    - opencv
    - numpy==1.19.1
    - rpart
    - randomForest
    - magrittr
    - rattle=5.2.0
    - tibble
    - docs/README.md
    - mlhub/simple.py: demo.py
    - mlhub/graphical: gui.py
    - mlhub/utils.py
    - mlhub/configure.sh
    - https://example.com/freds/files/pic.png: fred.png
    - https://nextcloud.example.com/s/Xf27qo9zDyaBDGk/download: models/best.bin
    - https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1m0bU-NCqzfjO37HFBEm4-2YmTQwQzilz: dnet2016.h5
  demo : Demonstrate the model capabilities in one easy session.
  gui  : A simple graphical user interface to utilise the commands. 

The package name is recommended to be all lowercase.

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