31.6 Dependencies on Other Git Repositories

Download github repositories:

    - mlhubber/mlhub@7fad23b                # Repo as mlhub/ in root.
    - mlhubber/mlhub@8c2df5a: mlrepo        # Repo as mlrepo/ in root.
    - mlhubber/mlhub@1fad2f3: repo/         # Repo as repo/mlhub/
    - 'mlhubber/mlhub@346abd6:doc'          # Download just doc/ in root.
    - 'mlhubber/mlhub@2d247bf:doc': repodoc # Download as repodoc/
    - 'mlhubber/mlhub@5bc89ea:doc': repo/   # Download as repo/doc/
    - 'mlhubber/mlhub@6af3bc2:README'       # Download 'README' in root.

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