12.11 azcv landmarks more

Here’s a photo I took of Taiwan’s 101 tower in Taipei. Quite a landmark for sure. Let’s see if it is recognised as such:

$ ml landmarks azcv https://bit.ly/30Kv7FL
0.98,Taipei 101

Not a great photo I admit but clearly identified (at least with 98% confidence) as Taipei 101.

One of the ancient wonders of the world is Borobudur in Central Java, Indonesia. It is a standout landmark and with full confidence (100%) it is correctly identified.

$ ml landmarks azcv https://bit.ly/3g9MKWP

The beautiful Ha Long Bay in Vietnam is a natural wonder of the world, even older than the above two human created landmarks. It’s a location of such beauty yet so much at risk from uncaring human neglect. It is recognised with considerable confidence by the AI so let’s try to keep it that way:

$ ml landmarks azcv https://bit.ly/3fSBSh3
0.96,Ha Long Bay

Please, help to retain these places of incredible beauty that adorn our planetβ€”we are masters of our own planet, so let’s take that responsibility seriously.

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