2.17 MLHub on MacOS


(The material here was originally provided by Ting Tang.)

MLHub generally runs just fine on MacOS. However you will need to install some dependencies yourself using brew. Ubuntu uses apt-get to install, so if you see errors relating to apt-get try running the relevant install command replacing apt-get with brew.

pip install mlhub
ml configure

This generally immediately returns and undertakes no configurations. On package that should be manually installed is pandoc:

brew search pandoc
brew info pandoc
brew install pandoc

You may be confronted with errors like the following for system dependencies:

% ml configure openai

*** Installing the following system dependencies:


Do you want to install ffmpeg [Y/n]? Y

mlhub: An error was encountered:
sudo: apt-get: command not found

The solution is to install the packages using brew:

brew search ffmpeg
brew install ffmpeg

During the configure note that pip installs should be just fine.

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