22.3 aztext demo

The pre-built demonstration highlights the capabilities of the package.

ml demo aztext

Here is a sample of the interaction.

Azure Text Analytics

Welcome to a demo of the pre-built models for Text Analytics provided
through Azure's Cognitive Services. This service extracts information
from text that we supply to it, providing information such as the
language, key phrases, sentiment (-1 to 1 as negative to positive), and

Press Enter to continue: 

Language Information

We will first demonstrate the automated identification of language.
Below are a few "documents" in different languages which are passed on
to the  cloud for processing using the following language API URL:

Press Enter to continue: 

1 Text as a sample document written in English.
  This is English (en) with score of 1.0.

2 Este es un document escrito en EspaΓ±ol.
  This is Spanish (es) with score of 1.0.


Sentiment Analysis

Now we look at an analysis of the sentiment of the document/text. This
is done so by passing the text of the text on to the sentiment API URL
shown below for processing in the cloud. The results are returned as a
number between 0 and 1 with 0 being the most negative and 1 being the
most positive.

Press Enter to continue: 

1 I had a wonderful experience! Rooms were wonderful and staff helpful.
  This has a sentiment rating of 0.94.

2 I had a terrible time at the hotel. The staff was rude and food awful.
  This has a sentiment rating of -1.00.



Our final demonstration identifies the entities refered to in the
text. As a bonus the API generates a link to Wikipedia for more
information! As  above, the text is passed on to the cloud through the
API at the URL below.


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