5 Animations


Package: animate by Graham Williams.

Animations can add considerable insight to any data analysis and can communicate quite effectively the story that the data is telling. Support for animations in R and Python is well developed and can be included as part of any data scientist’s workflow.

The MLHub package, animate, demonstrates the impact of animations. A sports animation is used and the example is based on R code posted to Twitter by Victor Yu, in 2018. The data comes from the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).

The animate package will configure for the local user the required R packages for the task if they are not already installed on the system. These will be used to generate the animate through the demo command. A build command is in development to allow a user to provide a csv file to be animated.

To install, configure, and demonstrate the package, renaming it as u2net (expecting other u2net capabilities to be added over time):

$ ml install   animate
$ ml configure animate
$ ml readme    animate
$ ml commands  animate
$ ml demo      animate

In addition to the demo command. The package also supports build.

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