2.11 ml command line options

Most commands also support command line options which always begin with a single dash for a single letter command line option or a double dash for more explicit commands. Command line options tend to be common across different packages, which we recommend, and include the following. Note that the single letter options are not necessarily unique.

$ ml command pkg [options] [argument]
     -a             --alpha-matting      Perform alpha matting image processing.
     -a             --annotate           Annotate the supplied image to new file. 
     -b             --bing               Generate Bing Maps URL.
     -c             --confidence=<real>  Minimum confidence threshold.
     -g             --google             Generate Google Maps URL.
     -h             --header             Output a header line for the CSV.
                    --help               Show usage message.
     -i <file.txt>  --input=<file.txt>   Input data.
                    --id=<column>        A column that represents the identifier.
     -j             --jpeg               Output a jpg file.
     -l <lang>      --lang=<lang>        Target language.
     -m <int>       --max=<int>          Maximum number of matches.
     -m <model>     --model=<model>      Select a specific pre-built model.
     -m <mov.mp4>   --movie=<mov.mp4>    Load/save a movie file.
     -o <model.csv> --output=<model.csv> Filename of the CSV file to save model.
     -o <trans.txt> --output=<trans.txt> Save transcript/translation as text file.
     -o <file.wav>  --output=<file.wav>  Save audio (or other type) to file.
                    --osm                Generate Open Street Map URL.
     -s             --support=<real>     Minimum support threshold.
     -t <lang>      --to=<lang>          The code for target language, e.g., fr.
     -u             --url                Generate Open Street Map URL.
     -v             --verbose            More information is output.
     -v             --view               View images or movie.
     -v             --voice=<voice>      Selected voice.
     -V             --version            MLHub or package version.
     -y             --yes                Answer yes to any questions.

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