7.10 kmeans visualise


A visualisation of the predictions from the model provide a good indication of the quality of the clustering. The visualise command does that.

Common usage:

ml visualise kmeans predict.csv

General usage:

ml visualise kmeans [DATAFILE]

The datafile is a csv format of data with named numeric columns and a label column. A visualisation of the cluster membership for each observation is generated.

If the dataset has more than two input variables, as is the case above, then a principal components analysis (PCA) is undertaken, and the two most significant components (PC1 and PC2) are plot.

A complete pipeline to cluster, predict and then visualise the clusters.

ml train kmeans 3 iris.csv |
  ml predict kmeans iris.csv |
  mlr --csv cut -f sepal_length,sepal_width,label |
  ml visualise kmeans

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