33.4 Dependencies on Software and Libraries


Within the MLHUB.yaml system dependencies can be listed.

To install a system dependency:

    - atril         # apt install atril

To install a system python package, for example python3-opencv:

    - opencv        # apt install python3-opencv

For a Python package installed from pipy:

    - pyfakewebcam  # pip3 install pyfakewebcam

For R package dependencies if a package needs to be installed then it will be installed into ~/.mlhub/pkg/R/. In this way the installation of particular versions of a package will not interfere with any system or user installed versions of packages for other applications.

    - rpart         # install.packages("rpart")
    - rattle=5.2.0  # devtools::install_version("rattle", version="5.2.0")

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