19.1 plantdis configure


The plantdis package is Python based and utilises the ffmpeg system application. To check that everything is installed run the configure:

ml configure plantdis

The configuration will proceed with something like the following:

*** The following required pip packages are already installed:
  numpy requests matplotlib

*** Installing Python package tensorflow==2.8.0 by pip into

Do you want to pip install tensorflow==2.8.0 [Y/n]? 
  Downloading tensorflow-2.8.0-cp39-cp39-manylinux2010_x86_64.whl (497.6 MB)


*** Installing Python package opencv-python by pip into

  Downloading opencv_python- (60.5 MB)


*** Installing Python package gdown by pip into


*** Downloading required files ...

To view the model's README:

  $ ml readme plantdis

Python and support files are downloaded from GitHub as specified in the MLHUB.yaml file.

  name         : plantdis
  title        : Provided image of a leaf, it detects if there is any disease.
  keywords     : transfer learning, tensorflow, deep learning, plant disease, python
  version      : 0.0.1
  languages    : py
  display      : gui
  license      : gpl3
  author       : u7156387@anu.edu.au
  url          : https://github.com/spsaswat/plantdis
    - tensorflow>=2.8.0
    - opencv-python
    - numpy
    - requests
    - gdown
    - matplotlib
    - pathlib
    - mlhub/README.md
    - mlhub/demo.py
    - mlhub/detdis.py
    - test/
  demo : Demonstrates predicting disease from image of corn with common rust.
  diagnose : Predicts the disease from an image of the leaf.

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