22.7 azspeech transcribe languages


The input language for the transcribe command can affect the AI’s capability. The language can be automatically identified for some languages but not for them all (at least not yet).

We can assist the AI by identifying the source language if it is known. In the following example it is known to be Indonesian. The first attempt results in a mix of English and some Indonesia.

ml transcribe azspeech indonews.wav
Any luck a barbaric abair poker delapan waktu Indonesia parrot, cyano

Knowing the language and using the --lang (-l) option we can use the standard identification for the Indonesian language (id-ID) as is listed in the table of supported BCP-47 locale codes:

ml transcribe azspeech --lang=id-ID indonews.wav

The result is considerably more accurate:

Inilah Kabar baru kabeer 8:00 waktu Indonesia Barat saya Naomi

Other languages include: zh-TW (Taiwanese Mandarin); en-SG (Singaporian English); fr-CA (Canadian French); de-DE (German); hi-IN (Hindi); ko-KR (Korean); es-CL (Chilean Spanish); and th-TH (Thai).

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