10.9 rain demo predicting rain tomorrow

Predicting Rain Tomorrow

We now use the model to make predictions. The decision tree model is applied to a previously unseen (by the mode) random subset of the dataset of daily observations, the tuning dataset. This dataset contains 26,512 observations.

This provides an insight into the performance of the model on new/unseen data. The performance here is okay based on this dataset. Note any highlighted errors. No model is perfect.

   Actual Predicted Error
1      no        no      
2      no       yes <----
3      no       yes <----
4      no        no      
5      no        no      
6      no        no      
7      no        no      
8     yes        no <----
9      no        no      
10     no        no      
11    yes        no <----
12     no        no      

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