There are many people to thank for sharing these tools, their knowledge, and their encouragement in many different ways. Indeed, the open source communities are characterised by their willingness to share for the good of us all. Many folk have also contributed directly and indirectly to this book through their sharing. Their contributions are acknowledged throughout the book, but there are always gaps. To all who share openly, thank you. I have learned so much from this community over more than 30 years.

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The following have contributed to the content of the book and MLHub with specific material in one way or another. Wee Hyong Tok sparked the idea of MLHub originally with the idea of a repository of pre-built deep neural network models. Simon Zhao and Fang Zhou implemented some of the early prototypes of the system. Anthony Nolan and many others have provided insights and comments that have been incorporated somewhere in the software and/or book. Thanks.

The following are further acknowledged for their support of the book:

Abigail Shaw.

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