4.2 Pipeline: Speech to Text with Translation to French to Speech


Here we transcribe spoken English into text and then translate that text into Persian (Farsi) using azspeech2txt and aztranslate:

$ ml transcribe azspeech2txt friend.wav | ml translate aztranslate --to=fa
,این یک آزمایش است تا ببینید که چگونه همه چیز به خوبی ضبط.

A compelling example of a pipeline is to transcribe our English utterances, translate to French and then synthesise into a female French voice using a combination of azspeech and aztranslate. Here it is:

$ ml transcribe azspeech | 
  ml translate aztranslate --to=fr | 
  cut -d',' -f4- | 
  ml synthesize azspeech --voice=fr-FR-DeniseNeural

Listen to an example here.

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