12.6 azcv category


What am I looking at? To look at something we might first try to categorise what it is that we are looking at. The category command takes an image and categorises it using a taxonomy of 86 concepts. Top level categories include animal, food, people, indoor, outdoor, etc. These are then further categorised into, for example, animal_dog, food_fast, people_group, indoor_court, outdoor_house, etc.

This first example of the Colosseum in Rome is categorised as a building, though only with a 32% certainty. Other categories are also identified, with even less certainty.

$ ml category azcv https://bit.ly/3lfNVG6

This next photo is obviously a dog and the clever computer vision model agrees with us, with no doubt about it.

$ ml category azcv https://bit.ly/30JcORa

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