27 OpenAI 🚧


Package: openai by Graham Williams and Ting Tang.

Originally initiated to provide more open access to AI developments, OpenAI has made advances in AI, particularly from November 2022 when it introduced ChatGPT. Unfortunately, some of it’s most significant developments (like ChatGPT) remain closed given the potential profits and the concern for it being used inappropriately. This has lead to the AI only being available to those who can afford it. Nonetheless, OpenAI have released a number of excellent models openly and freely.

The MLHub package openai brings together various of the open OpenAI offerings. The whisper package provides speech-to-text transcription and translation capabilities and is packaged in MLHub.

The goal of this MLHub package is to demonstrate the OpenAI tools in 5 minutes. If within those 5 minutes you find that the package is interesting, then you may like to futher explore its functionality. The original command line version of whisper has an extensive collection of options available and is a very nicely engineered command line tool.

To install, configure, and demonstrate the package:

ml install   gjwgit/openai@main
ml configure openai
ml readme    openai
ml commands  openai

The package supports identify, supported, transcribe and translate.

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