19.5 plantdis pipeline annotate image 🚧


ml diagnose plantdis leaf.jpg |
    sed 's|,|: |' |
    xargs -I % convert leaf.jpg -gravity North +0+10 '%' annotated.jpg
display annotated.jpg

ml diagnose plantdis leaf.jpg | sed β€˜s|,|: |’ | xargs -I % convert leaf.jpg -draw β€œtext 0,10 β€˜%’” annotated.jpg display annotated.jpg

echo β€œcorn_(maze),common_rust” | sed β€˜s|,|: |’ | xargs -I % convert test/CornCommonRust1.JPG -font helvetica -fill white -pointsize 15 -gravity South -annotate +0+15 β€˜%’ annotated.jpg; display annotated.jpg

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