27.2 openai quick start


Below we share examples of the various commands supported by the package. These should be repeatable out of the box with sample data available for download.

ml install gjwgit/openai@main
ml configure openai
ml readme openai
ml commands openai
wget https://github.com/realpython/python-speech-recognition/raw/master/audio_files/harvard.wav
ml identify openai harvard.wav
ml transcribe openai harvard.wav
ml transcribe openai harvard.wav | wc -l

Note the use of @main. Testing on Windows (20231125) indicates a bug that tries to retrieve the master branch which does not exist.

The output will be:


The stale smell of old beer lingers.
It takes heat to bring out the odor.
A cold dip restores health and zest.
A salt pickle tastes fine with ham.
Tacos al pastor are my favorite.
A zestful food is the hot cross bun.


The final 6 above is the number of sentences found in the transcription.

For it’s translation capability:

wget https://access.togaware.com/jokowi.wav
ml identify openai jokowi.wav
ml transcribe openai -l id jokowi.wav
ml translate openai -l id jokowi.wav
ml translate openai -l id jokowi.wav | wc -l

The output will be:


Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,
Selamat pagi, Salam sejahtera untuk kita semua.
Hari ini saya dengan delegasi terbatas akan berangkat ke Melbourne, Australia ...
KTT ini disenggarakan untuk memperingati 50 tahun kemitraan ASEAN dan Australia.
Tema yang diangkat adalah a partnership for the future.
Membahas bagaimana kemitraan strategis, comprehensive ASEAN Australia dapat dioptimakan ke depan,
guna mewujudkan kawasan Indonesia yang damai.

Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. 
Good morning, May peace be upon us all. 
Today, I, with the limited delegation, will go to Melbourne, Australia ...
This KTT was established to celebrate the 50th anniversary of ...
The theme mentioned is a partnership for the future. 
We will discuss how the strategic commitment of the Australian Asian comprehensive
can be optimized in the future, using the presence of the Indo-Pacific region,
which is a very important part of the KTT.


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