About this Book

20210223 This book is under regular maintenance, and as a work in progress there will be glitches. Please email with feedback, corrections, comments and suggestions.

Since beginning the survival guide books in 1995 they have grown in many unexpected directions. My original aim was to capture useful notes for the varied and many common tasks I found myself doing, utilising the tools and packages of GNU/Linux for AI and Machine Learning. I structured the book as one page nuggets of information—each section within a chapter was kept to no more than a single printed page, providing a focus on a single task for each page.

The concept of the OnePageR Desktop Survival Guide has worked well over the years, from my personal use and extensive reader feedback. Three Desktop Survival Guides currently exist, the GNU/Linux Desktop Survival Guide, the Data Science Desktop Survival Guide, and the MLHub Desktop Survival Guide. The material from these freely available books has also lead to two published books: Data Mining with Rattle and Essentials of Data Science.

A pdf version of this book is available for a small donation which goes towards supporting the development and availability of the book. Please visit MLHub for details. The html version contains the same material and remains freely available from MLHub.

Your donation will support ongoing availability and give you access to the PDF version of this book. Desktop Survival Guides include Data Science, GNU/Linux, and MLHub. Books available on Amazon include Data Mining with Rattle and Essentials of Data Science. Popular open source software includes rattle, wajig, and mlhub. Hosted by Togaware, a pioneer of free and open source software since 1984. Copyright © 1995-2021 Graham.Williams@togaware.com Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0