33.2 Configuration Meta Data


The languages entry specifies either R or py.

Exercise: Review the implementation to determine what language is used for…


The private entry lists the names of secrets to obtain from the user during configure. Configure will prompt for each secret using the name supplied (e.g., key or location or endpoint, etc) and save the result into the package’s folder in ~/.mlhub as the file private.yaml. The choice of name is purposeful, to make it clear this file should not be shared or included in a git repository.

A key followed by a * will not echo the key to the terminal during key entry, replacing each character instead with a *.

single key

private :
  Azure Speech : key*, location

multiple keys

private :
  Azure Speech : key*, location
  Google Speech : key*, Google location


The url is used for curated packages to obtain the MLHUB.yaml file from. It is otherwise not utilised. (TODO The curated packages should not need to use this URL and thus the URL in the YAML file is not necessary. If the URL is wrong then a spurious message about the missing MLHUB.yaml file is generated. It should be enough to use the package name information from the MLMODELS.yaml file.)

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