8.2 apriori quick start


Below we share examples of the various commands supported by the package. These should be repeatable out of the box with sample data available for download. The sample data is based on real analysis of courses (the items) undertaken by students (the baskets) within a Master of Computing degree. The sample data itself is fictional.

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/anusii/edsight/main/basket/mcomp.csv

Provide the dataset file as a command line argument:

ml itemsets apriori mcomp.csv

Or else pass the data into the command through a pipe:

cat mcomp.csv | ml itemsets apriori

Filter itemsets with support at least 0.2:

ml itemsets apriori --support 0.2 mcomp.csv

Or pipe the output to filter those itemsets of interest:

ml itemsets apriori mcomp.csv | mlr --csv filter '$support >= 0.2'

Build apriori association rules:

ml train apriori mcomp.csv

Filter the rules on their confidence:

ml train apriori --confidence 0.95 mcomp.csv

A second dataset illustrates basket analysis using a record of who has purchased various DVDs or movies.

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/anusii/edsight/main/basket/dvdtrans.csv

ml itemsets apriori dvdtrans.csv

ml train apriori --confidence=0.95 dvdtrans.csv

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