2.6 ml configure


The configure command can be used with or without naming a package and accepts the -y or --yes option.

$ ml configure [<package>]
     -y            --yes                Answer yes to any questions.

Without a package name the MLHub package itself is configured.

ml configure

This will install quite a comprehensive collection of AI technology to have your computer AI-ready. This will include several hundred packages (mostly small) that are downloaded and installed. For each of the major packages you will be asked to confirm that it is okay to install it. This could take up to 5 minutes.

Included is the R Statistical Software package.

As the instructions will suggest, run the following to immediately turn on tab expansion for mlhub commands and model names. This will be available anyhow on the next login.

$ source /etc/bash_completion.d/ml.bash

This will ensure all of the required dependencies for using MLHub are installed on your computer, including both Python and R and some of the basic common packages for both of them.

If a package name is provided then the dependencies for that package are installed.

ml configure kmeans

The -y or --yes option will install all package requirements without asking:

$ ml configure --yes kmeans

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